Help us recruit the best area chairs!

As promised, we are going to make the process of selecting the scientific program for ACL 2017 a participatory one. We’re going to start with arguably the most important decision  – the selection of area chairs — and ask for your help in nominating worthy individuals (including yourself!). Area chairs play a crucial role in paper selection and have a very strong influence on the final scientific program of the conference. They coordinate reviewer assignments, monitor author response and subsequent deliberations, and finally rank papers in their areas. While we are ultimately responsible for the quality of the final program, we will follow the recommendations of the area chairs for the vast majority of papers.

So it is crucial for the sake of the entire conference to select outstanding area chairs, who have great research taste, and who are open-minded to radically new directions. Importantly,  the area chairs should be ready to put all the required effort to ensure review and selection quality.

Do you fit these criteria?  Or do you know people that would make great area chairs? Awesome! Or even if you don’t know someone that fits the bill, please help spread the word… An important aspect of a solid and interesting technical program is the diversity of the reviewing committee, starting with the area chairs.

You can nominate yourself or someone you know by following this link to a short form.  As we are working on a schedule, we’ll need your help to complete this nomination process by November 15th. We promise to carefully review all proposed nominations.

As a minimum requirement, nominees are required to have a doctorate in a field related to computational linguistics, have published papers in ACL related venues, and have extensive reviewing experience.

We are looking forward to reading the nominations.