List of Area Chairs

Dear members of the NLP & CL community:

We are pleased to announce the preliminary list of area chairs (this post will be edited to keep up to date, as when possible).  They will be doing the key task of coordinating the scientific review process for submissions in their respective area.

In the upcoming days, we will be sending out an initial invitation to reviewers for ACL 2017, centrally from the PC co-chairs, with input from the ACs.  Please do keep the crucial time period of 13-27 Feb and 16-20 Mar open for reviewing 3-4 papers and answering the author responses in a timely fashion.

Aurélie Névéol (
Karin Verspoor (

Cognitive Modeling and Psycholinguistics
Roger Levy (
Anders Søgaard (

Dialogue and Interactive Systems
Ron Artstein (
Raquel Fernandez (
Oliver Lemon (

Discourse and Pragmatics
Yangfeng Ji (
Sujian Li (
Bonnie Webber (

Information Extraction and Retrieval, Question Answering, Text Mining, Document Analysis and NLP Applications
Eugene Agichtein (
Chia-Hui Chang (
Jing Jiang (
Sarvnaz Karimi (
Zornitsa Kozareva (
Kang Liu (
Tie-Yan Liu (
Mausam (
Alessandro Moschitti (
Smaranda Muresan (

Machine Learning
Grzegorz Chrupała (
Amir Globerson (
Tommi Jaakkola (
Sujith Ravi (
William Yang Wang (

Machine Translation
Yang Liu (
Minh-Thang Luong (
Haitao Mi (
Graham Neubig (
Deyi Xiong (

Michael Piotrowski (
Karën Fort (

Omri Abend (
Mona Diab (

Phonology, Morphology and Word Segmentation
Jason Eisner (
Hinrich Schütze (

Resources and Evaluation
Sophie Rosset (
Wajdi Zaghouani (

Manaal Faruqui (
Hannaneh Hajishirzi (
Anna Korhonen (
Preslav Nakov (
Mehroosh Sadrzadeh (
Aline Villavicencio (

Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining
Alexandra Balahur (
Lun-Wei Ku (
Saif M Mohammad (

Social Media
Zhiyuan Liu (
Shimei Pan (
Svitlana Volkova (

Chiori Hori (
Chia-ying Lee (

Summarization and Generation
Wenjie Li (
Alexander M Rush (
Verena Rieser (

Tagging, Chunking, Syntax and Parsing
Emily Pitler (
Barbara Plank (
Yue Zhang (
Hai Zhao (

Vision, Robotics and Grounding
Mohit Bansal (
Nate Kushman (