Status of the Reviewer Pool

Dear all:

We would like to update everyone with the current status of the ongoing reviewer recruitment. We have issued 1,532 invites. We have 1,228 invitees that accepted the charge and 169 that had to decline.  We thank all of you who responded and for being responsible and letting us know your availability – we know that some of you struggled with the decision and that some had to decline because of the reduced timeframe.

Of the 1,228 that accepted to be reviewers, 893 (72%) have finished the requested survey and we have their area preferences and keywords — thanks!  For those of you who have yet to complete the questionnaire, we urge you to do it as soon as possible.  Min and I have to assign the reviewers to the corresponding areas. Jointly with area chairs, we need to make sure that all the areas of submission are properly covered, balancing both junior and experienced reviewers. This is a crucial step for ensuring that the papers are assigned to the right reviewers. So please help us and complete this step.

(I know, I hate doing those forms myself, and always wonder why do we have to do it from scratch every time. We will check with other PC chairs and the ACL exec whether it makes sense to retain these profiles from conference to conference, where reviewers can modify them to reflect their current research interests, with proper individual privacy preferences adhered to).

Finally, we received multiple requests, primarily from graduate students, who are interested to serve as reviewer. If you are a doctoral student and wish to participate, please ask your advisor to drop me an email with a nomination affirming your suitable expertise, and mentioning your publications in top NLP venues. Due to the tight timeline, we will consider nominations up until January 27th.