Help us find the best invited speakers!

Dear readers:

In keeping with our theme of soliciting your help with key conference decisions and personnel, we’d like to invite all readers of the blog to participate in science-sourcing whom we should invite as guest speakers for ACL 2017.

In keeping with tradition, we plan to invite two speakers: one “internal” to our community who regularly contributes to CL/NLP venues and one “external” guest, who could contribute a valuable cross-disciplinary or policy perspective on our field.

Please participate in this process!  Doing so will take a few minutes of your time, contribute to helping your field and also perhaps enlarge a bit of your own thinking about the work and impact of our field.

P.S. We haven’t yet finalised the program and hence we haven’t let accepted authors know whether they are selected for an oral or poster yet — this is still in the decision stages. Our apologies, and we hope to have this out soonish.