Official ACL survey: Preprint publishing and reviewing – make your voice heard!

[PC co-chairs’ note: The ACL Executive Board is very interested in making forward progress on the issue of preprints and how they relate to double blind review.  You may have received an invitation to participate in the below survey in email from the ACL Portal.  We are helping to disseminate this information to remind the membership (you!) to make their voice heard.]

The use of preprint servers such as and its relation to the standard reviewing model used by ACL conferences has been a recurring topic on this blog (and in the public comments on those posts):

marti_hearst  ArXiv and The Future of Double-Blind Conference Reviewing by Marti Hearst

jn-160410  ArXiv and Double-Blind Reviewing Revisited by Joakim Nivre

In order to ascertain how prevalent preprint publishing is in our community, the ACL Executive Committee requests your participation in an anonymous 10-15 minute survey on this topic.  The purpose of the survey is also to seek to best understand our members’ thoughts about how it is affecting the ACL reviewing process and to seek opinions on future policy:

ACL Survey on Preprint Publishing and Reviewing

Please take the time to tell us what you think! We look forward to hearing from you!


The ACL Executive Committee

NB: This survey is different from (and complementary to) the EMNLP 2017 reviewer survey on double-blind reviewing, which some of you may have seen recently.