Monday, 31 July – Detailed Sessions

Sessions on Monday and Tuesday are divided into five parallel tracks, following certain areas.  Where possible, (deep) neural network papers have been aggregated together.

26 June – Physical venues have been assigned to tracks and have been updated here.
19 June – We now have certain session chairs assigned from the area chair pool.  They are available on the detailed program pages.

4 June – We now have included author and abstract information that was available at paper acceptance time.  Click any paper title to jump to its detailed description.

Track A: Information Extraction Question Answering / Multidisciplinary

(Salon B/C)

Track B: Semantics / Vision / Languages and Resources / Cognitive Modelling

(Salon E/F)

Track C: Syntax / Discourse / Dialogue / Speech

(Salon D)

Track D: Machine Translation / Multilingual / Machine Learning

(Salon 1)

Track E: Generation and Summarization Sentiment / Social Media / Phonology

(Salon 2/3)

Session 1 (10:30am-12:05pm)

Information Extraction 1 (NN)
Session Chair: Zornitsa Kozareva
Semantics 1
Session Chair: Preslav Nakov
Discourse 1
Session Chair: Yangfeng Ji
Machine Translation 1
Session Chair: Haitao Mi
Generation 1
Session Chair: Alexander Rush
Adversarial Multi-task Learning for Text Classification (Long Paper) Inducing Symbolic Meaning Representations for Semantic Parsing (Long Paper) Joint Learning for Coreference Resolution (Long Paper) A Convolutional Encoder Model for Neural Machine Translation (Long Paper) Neural AMR: Sequence-to-Sequence Models for Parsing and Generation (Long Paper)
Neural End-to-End Learning for Computational Argumentation Mining (Long Paper) Morph-fitting: Fine-Tuning Word Vector Spaces with Simple Language-Specific Rules (Long Paper) Generating and Exploiting Large-scale Pseudo Training Data for Zero Pronoun Resolution (Long Paper) Deep Neural Machine Translation with Linear Associative Unit (Long Paper) Program Induction for Rationale Generation: Learning to Solve and Explain Algebraic Word Problems (Long Paper)
Neural Symbolic Machines: Learning Semantic Parsers on Freebase with Weak Supervision (Long Paper) Skip-Gram – Zipf + Uniform = Vector Additivity (Long Paper) Discourse Mode Identification in Essays (Long Paper) A Polynomial-Time Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Phrase-Based Decoding with a Fixed Distortion Limit (TACL Paper) Automatically Generating Rhythmic Verse with Neural Networks (Long Paper)
Neural Relation Extraction with Multi-lingual Attention (Long Paper) The State of the Art in Semantic Representation (Long Paper) Winning on the Merits: The Joint Effects of Content and Style on Debate Outcomes (TACL Paper) Context Gates for Neural Machine Translation (TACL Paper) Creating Training Corpora for Micro-Planners (Long Paper)
Classifying Temporal Relations by Bidirectional LSTM over Dependency Paths (Short Paper) AMR-to-text Generation with Synchronous Node Replacement Grammar (Short Paper) Lexical Features in Coreference Resolution: To be Used With Caution (Short Paper) Alternative Objective Functions for Training MT Evaluation Metrics (Short Paper) A Principled Framework for Evaluating Summarizers: Comparing Models of Summary Quality against Human Judgments (Short Paper)

Session 2 (1:40pm-3:15pm)

Question Answering 1
Session Chair: Alessandro Moschitti
Vision 1
Session Chair: Mohit Bansal
Syntax 1
Session Chair: Alexander Koller
Machine Learning 1 (NN)
Session Chair: Grzegorz Chrupała
Sentiment 1 (NN)
Session Chair: Svitlana Volkova
Gated Self-Matching Networks for Reading Comprehension and Question Answering (Long Paper) Translating Neuralese (Long Paper) A* CCG Parsing with a Supertag and Dependency Factored Model (Long Paper) Multi-space Variational Encoder-Decoders for Semi-supervised Labeled Sequence Transduction (Long Paper) Handling Cold-Start Problem in Review Spam Detection by Jointly Embedding Texts and Behaviors (Long Paper)
Generating Natural Answer by Incorporating Copying and Retrieving Mechanisms in Sequence-to-Sequence Learning (Long Paper) Combining distributional and referential information for naming objects through cross-modal mapping and direct word prediction (Long Paper) A Full Non-Monotonic Transition System for Unrestricted Non-Projective Parsing (Long Paper) Scalable Bayesian Learning of Recurrent Neural Networks for Language Modeling (Long Paper) Learning Cognitive Features from Gaze Data for Sentiment and Sarcasm Classification using Convolutional Neural Network (Long Paper)
Coarse-to-Fine Question Answering for Long Documents (Long Paper) FOIL it! Find One mismatch between Image and Language caption (Long Paper) Aggregating and Predicting Sequence Labels from Crowd Annotations (Long Paper) Learning attention for historical text normalization by learning to pronounce (Long Paper) An Unsupervised Neural Attention Model for Aspect Extraction (Long Paper)
An End-to-End Model for Question Answering over Knowledge Base with Cross-Attention Combining Global Knowledge (Long Paper) Verb Physics: Relative Physical Knowledge of Actions and Objects (Long Paper) Fine-Grained Prediction of Syntactic Typology: Discovering Latent Structure with Supervised Learning (TACL Paper) Deep Learning in Semantic Kernel Spaces (Long Paper) Other Topics You May Also Agree or Disagree: Modeling Inter-Topic Preferences using Tweets and Matrix Factorization (Long Paper)
Domain-Targeted, High Precision Knowledge Extraction (TACL Paper) Visually Grounded and Textual Semantic Models Differentially Decode Brain Activity Associated with Concrete and Abstract Nouns (TACL Paper) Learning to Prune: Exploring the Frontier of Fast and Accurate Parsing (TACL Paper) Topically Driven Neural Language Model (Long Paper) Overcoming Language Variation in Sentiment Analysis with Social Attention (TACL Paper)

Session 3 (3:45pm-5:15pm)

Information Extraction 2 / Biomedical 1
Session Chair: Karin Verspoor
Semantics 2 (NN)
Session Chair: Daniel Gildea
Speech 1 / Dialogue 1
Session Chair: Chiori Hori
Multilingual 1
Session Chair:
Bonnie Webber
Phonology 1
Session Chair:
Automatically Labeled Data Generation for Large Scale Event Extraction (Long Paper) A Syntactic Neural Model for General-Purpose Code Generation (Long Paper) Towards End-to-End Reinforcement Learning of Dialogue Agents for Information Access (Long Paper) Found in Translation: Reconstructing Phylogenetic Language Trees from Translations (Long Paper) MORSE: Semantic-ally Drive-n MORpheme SEgment-er (Long Paper)
Time Expression Analysis and Recognition Using Syntactic Token Types and General Heuristic Rules (Long Paper) Learning bilingual word embeddings with (almost) no bilingual data (Long Paper) Sequential Matching Network: A New Architecture for Multi-turn Response Selection in Retrieval-based Chatbots (Long Paper) Predicting Native Language from Gaze (Long Paper) A Generative Model of Phonotactics (TACL Paper)
Learning with Noise: Enhance Distantly Supervised Relation Extraction with Dynamic Transition Matrix (Long Paper) Abstract Meaning Representation Parsing using LSTM Recurrent Neural Networks (Long Paper) Learning Word-Like Units from Joint Audio-Visual Analysis (Long Paper) Decoding Anagrammed Texts Written in an Unknown Language and Script (TACL Paper) Joint Semantic Synthesis and Morphological Analysis of the Derived Word (TACL Paper)
Ordinal Common-sense Inference (TACL Paper) Deep Semantic Role Labeling: What Works and What’s Next (Long Paper) Joint CTC-attention End-to-end Speech Recognition (Long Paper) Sparse Coding of Neural Word Embeddings for Multilingual Sequence Labeling (TACL Paper) Unsupervised Learning of Morphological Forests (TACL Paper)
Vector space models for evaluating semantic fluency in autism (Short Paper) Neural Architectures for Multilingual Semantic Parsing (Short Paper) Incorporating Uncertainty into Deep Learning for Spoken Language Assessment (Short Paper) Incorporating Dialectal Variability for Socially Equitable Language Identification (Short Paper) Evaluation of Compound Splitting with Textual Entailment (Short Paper)

Poster Session 1 (6:00pm-9:30pm)

Enriching Complex Networks with Word Embeddings for Detecting Mild Cognitive Impairment from Speech Transcripts (Long Paper)
Adversarial Adaptation of Synthetic or Stale Data (Long Paper)
Chat Detection in Intelligent Assistant: Combining Task-oriented and Non-task-oriented Spoken Dialogue Systems (Long Paper)
A Neural Local Coherence Model (Long Paper)
Data-Driven Broad-Coverage Grammars for Opinionated Natural Language Generation (ONLG) (Long Paper)
Learning to Ask: Neural Question Generation for Reading Comprehension (Long Paper)
Joint Optimization of User-desired Content in Multi-document Summaries by Learning from User Feedback (Long Paper)
Flexible and Creative Chinese Poetry Generation Using Neural Memory (Long Paper)
Learning to Generate Market Comments from Stock Prices (Long Paper)
Can Syntax Help? Improving an LSTM-based Sentence Compression Model for New Domains (Long Paper)
Transductive Non-linear Learning for Chinese Hypernym Prediction (Long Paper)
A Constituent-Centric Neural Architecture for Reading Comprehension (Long Paper)
Cross-lingual Distillation for Text Classification (Long Paper)
Understanding and Predicting Empathic Behavior in Counseling Therapy (Long Paper)
Leveraging Knowledge Bases in LSTMs for Improving Machine Reading (Long Paper)
Prerequisite Relation Learning for Concepts in MOOCs (Long Paper)
Unsupervised Text Segmentation Based on Native Language Characteristics (Long Paper)
Weakly Supervised Cross-Lingual Named Entity Recognition via Effective Annotation and Representation Projection (Long Paper)
Context Sensitive Lemmatization Using Two Successive Bidirectional Gated Recurrent Networks (Long Paper)
Learning to Create and Reuse Words in Open-Vocabulary Neural Language Modeling (Long Paper)
Bandit Structured Prediction for Neural Sequence-to-Sequence Learning (Long Paper)
Prior Knowledge Integration for Neural Machine Translation using Posterior Regularization (Long Paper)
Incorporating Word Reordering Knowledge into Attention-based Neural Machine Translation (Long Paper)
Lexically Constrained Decoding for Sequence Generation Using Grid Beam Search (Long Paper)
Combating Human Trafficking with Multimodal Deep Models (Long Paper)
MalwareTextDB: A Database for Annotated Malware Articles (Long Paper)
A Corpus of Annotated Revisions for Studying Argumentative Writing (Long Paper)
Automatic Induction of Synsets from a Graph of Synonyms (Long Paper)
Neural Modeling of Multi-Predicate Interactions for Japanese Predicate Argument Structure Analysis (Long Paper)
TriviaQA: A Large Scale Distantly Supervised Challenge Dataset for Reading Comprehension (Long Paper)
Learning Translational Semantic Correspondences in Technical Documentation (Long Paper)
Bridge Text and Knowledge by Learning Multi-Prototype Entity Mention Embedding (Long Paper)
Interactive Learning for Acquisition of Grounded Verb Semantics towards Human-Robot Communication (Long Paper)
Multimodal Word Distributions (Long Paper)
Enhanced LSTM for Natural Language Inference (Long Paper)
Linguistic analysis of differences in portrayal of movie characters (Long Paper)
Linguistically Regularized LSTM for Sentiment Classification (Long Paper)
Sarcasm SIGN: Interpreting Sarcasm with Sentiment Based Monolingual Machine Translation (Long Paper)
Active Sentiment Domain Adaptation (Long Paper)
Volatility Prediction using Financial Disclosures Sentiments with Word Embedding-based IR Models (Long Paper)
CANE: Context-Aware Network Embedding for Relation Modeling (Long Paper)
Universal Dependencies Parsing for Colloquial Singaporean English (Long Paper)
Generic Axiomatization of Families of Noncrossing Graphs in Dependency Parsing (Long Paper)
Semi-supervised sequence tagging with bidirectional language models (Long Paper)
Neural Architecture for Temporal Relation Extraction: A Bi-LSTM Approach for Detecting Narrative Containers (Short Paper)
How to Make Contexts More Useful? An Empirical Study to Context-Aware Neural Conversation Models (Short Paper)
Cross-lingual and cross-domain discourse segmentation of entire documents (Short Paper)
Detecting Good Arguments in a Non-Topic-Specific Way: An Oxymoron? (Short Paper)
Argumentation Quality Assessment: Theory vs. Practice (Short Paper)
A Recurrent Neural Model with Attention for the Recognition of Chinese Implicit Discourse Relations (Short Paper)
Discourse Annotation of Non-native Spontaneous Spoken Responses Using the Rhetorical Structure Theory Framework (Short Paper)
Improving Implicit Discourse Relation Recognition with Discourse-specific Word Embeddings (Short Paper)
Oracle Summaries of Compressive Summarization (Short Paper)
Japanese Sentence Compression with a Large Training Dataset (Short Paper)
Learning to Generate Natural Language Descriptions From Source Code Changes (Short Paper)
English Event Detection With Translated Language Features (Short Paper)
EviNets: Evidence Neural Networks for Combining Evidence Signals for Factoid Question Answering (Short Paper)
Pocket Knowledge Base Population (Short Paper)
Complex Question Answering by Reasoning over Open Information Extraction (Short Paper)
Bootstrapping for Numerical Open IE (Short Paper)
Feature-Rich Deep Neural Networks for Knowledge Base Completion (Short Paper)
Fine-Grained Entity Typing with High-Multiplicity Assignments (Short Paper)
Group Sparse CNNs for Question Classification with Answer Sets (Short Paper)
Multi-Task Learning of Keyphrase Boundary Classification (Short Paper)
Cardinal Virtues: Extracting Relation Cardinalities from Text (Short Paper)
Integrating Deep Linguistic Features in Factuality Prediction over Unified Datasets (Short Paper)
Question Answering with Universal Schema and Memory Networks (Short Paper)
Differentiable Scheduled Sampling for Credit Assignment (Short Paper)
A Deep Network with Visual Text Composition Behavior (Short Paper)
Neural System Combination for Machine Translation (Short Paper)
An Empirical Comparison of Domain Adaptation Methods for Neural Machine Translation (Short Paper)
Efficient Extraction of Pseudo-Parallel Sentences from Raw Monolingual Data Using Word Embeddings (Short Paper)
Feature Hashing for Language and Dialect Identification (Short Paper)
Detection of Chinese Word Usage Errors for Non-Native Chinese Learners with Bidirectional LSTM (Short Paper)
Automatic Compositor Attribution in the First Folio of Shakespeare (Short Paper)
Constructing Large-Scale Japanese Image Caption Dataset (Short Paper)
“Liar, Liar Pants on Fire”: A New Benchmark Dataset for Fake News Detection (Short Paper)
English Multiword Expression-aware Dependency Parsing including Named Entities (Short Paper)
Improving Semantic Composition with Offset Inference (Short Paper)
Learning Topic-Sensitive Word Representations (Short Paper)
Temporal Word Analogies: Identifying Lexical Replacement with Diachronic Word Embeddings (Short Paper)
Methodical Evaluation of Arabic Word Embeddings (Short Paper)
Multilingual Connotation Frames: A Case Study on Social Media for Targeted Sentiment Analysis and Forecast (Short Paper)
Best-Worst Scaling More Reliable than Rating Scales: A Case Study on Sentiment Intensity Annotation (Short Paper)
Demographic Inference on Twitter using Recursive Neural Networks (Short Paper)
Twitter Demographic Classification using deep Multi-modal Multi-task Learning (Short Paper)
A Network Framework for Noisy Label Aggregation in Social Media (Short Paper)
Parser Adaptation for Social Media by Integrating Normalization (Short Paper)
Computational Characterization of Mental States: A Natural Language Processing Approach (SRW Paper)
Improving Distributed Representations of Tweets – Present and Future (SRW Paper)
Bilingual Word Embeddings with Bucketed CNN for Parallel Sentence Extraction (SRW Paper)
nQuery – A Natural Language Statement to SQL Query Generator (SRW Paper)
V for Vocab : An Intelligent Flashcard Application (SRW Paper)
Are You Asking the Right Questions? Teaching Machines to Ask Clarification Questions (SRW Paper)
Building a Non-Trivial Paraphrase Corpus Using Multiple Machine Translation Systems (SRW Paper)
Segmentation Guided Attention Networks for Visual Question Answering (SRW Paper)
Text-based Speaker Identification on Multiparty Dialogues Using Multi-document Convolutional Neural Networks (SRW Paper)
Variation Autoencoder Based Network Representation Learning for Classification (SRW Paper)
Blind Phoneme Segmentation With Temporal Prediction Errors (SRW Paper)
Automatic Generation of Jokes in Hindi (SRW Paper)
Word Embedding for Response-To-Text Assessment of Evidence (SRW Paper)
Domain Specific Automatic Question Generation from Text (SRW Paper)
SoccEval: An Annotation Schema for Rating Soccer Players (SRW Paper)
Accent Adaptation for the Air Traffic Control Domain (SRW Paper)
Generating Steganographic Text with LSTMs (SRW Paper)
Predicting Depression for Japanese Blog Text (SRW Paper)
Fast Forward Through Opportunistic Incremental Meaning Representation Construction (SRW Paper)
Modeling Situations in Neural Chat Bots (SRW Paper)
An Empirical Study on End-to-End Sentence Modelling (SRW Paper)
Varying Linguistic Purposes of Emoji in (Twitter) Context (SRW Paper)
Negotiation of Antibiotic Treatment in Medical Consultations: A Corpus Based Study (SRW Paper)

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