Tuesday, 1 August – Detailed Sessions

Sessions on Monday and Tuesday are divided into five parallel tracks, following certain areas.  Where possible, (deep) neural network papers have been aggregated together.

26 June – Physical venues have been assigned to tracks and have been updated here.
19 June – We now have certain session chairs assigned from the area chair pool.  They are available on the detailed program pages.
14 June – Shortened coffee break on Tuesday to ensure sessions start on time.
11 June – Changed ordering of papers in Session 5A to accommodate a speaker who has two papers originally at the same timing.
4 June
– We now have included author and abstract information that was available at paper acceptance time.  Click any paper title to jump to its detailed description.

Track A: Information Extraction Question Answering / Multidisciplinary

(Salon B/C)

Track B: Semantics / Vision / Languages and Resources / Cognitive Modelling

(Salon E/F)

Track C: Syntax / Discourse / Dialogue / Speech

(Salon D)

Track D: Machine Translation / Multilingual / Machine Learning

(Salon 1)

Track E: Generation and Summarization Sentiment / Social Media / Phonology

(Salon 2/3)

Session 4 (10:30am-12:05pm)

Information Extraction 3 (NN)
Session Chair: 
Kang Liu
Cognitive Modelling 1 / Vision 2
Session Chair: 
Omri Abend
Dialogue 2
Session Chair:
Marti Hearst
Machine Translation 2
Session Chair: 
Graham Neubig
Social Media 1
Session Chair: 
Saif M. Mohammad
Deep Pyramid Convolutional Neural Networks for Text Categorization (Long Paper) Alignment at Work: Using Language to Distinguish the Internalization and Self-Regulation Components of Cultural Fit in Organizations (Long Paper) Affect-LM: A Neural Language Model for Customizable Affective Text Generation (Long Paper) Modeling Source Syntax for Neural Machine Translation (Long Paper) Detect Rumors in Microblog Posts Using Propagation Structure via Kernel Learning (Long Paper)
Improved Neural Relation Detection for Knowledge Base Question Answering (Long Paper) Representations of language in a model of visually grounded speech signal (Long Paper) Domain Attention with an Ensemble of Experts (Long Paper) Sequence-to-Dependency Neural Machine Translation (Long Paper) EmoNet: Fine-Grained Emotion Detection with Gated Recurrent Neural Networks (Long Paper)
Deep Keyphrase Generation (Long Paper) Spectral Analysis of Information Density in Dialogue Predicts Collaborative Task Performance (Long Paper) Learning Discourse-level Diversity for Neural Dialog Models using Conditional Variational Autoencoders (Long Paper) Head-Lexicalized Bidirectional Tree LSTMs (TACL Paper) Beyond Binary Labels: Political Ideology Prediction of Twitter Users (Long Paper)
Attention-over-Attention Neural Networks for Reading Comprehension (Long Paper) Modeling Semantic Expectation: Using Script Knowledge for Referent Prediction (TACL Paper) Hybrid Code Networks: practical and efficient end-to-end dialog control with supervised and reinforcement learning (Long Paper) Pushing the Limits of Translation Quality Estimation (TACL Paper) Leveraging Behavioral and Social Information for Weakly Supervised Collective Classification of Political Discourse on Twitter (Long Paper)
Cross-Sentence N-ary Relation Extraction with Graph LSTMs (TACL Paper) A Survey on Action Recognition Datasets and Tasks for Still Images (Short Paper) Generating Contrastive Referring Expressions (Long Paper) Learning to Parse and Translate Improves Neural Machine Translation (Short Paper) On the Distribution of Lexical Features in Social Media (Short Paper)

Session 5 (1:30pm-3:05pm)

Multidisciplinary 1
Session Chair:
Martha Palmer
Languages and Resources 1
Session Chair: Timothy Baldwin
Syntax 2 (NN)
Session Chair: Mark Johnson
Machine Translation 3 (NN)
Session Chair: Min Zhang
Sentiment 2
Session Chair: Jing Jiang
Exploring Neural Text Simplification Models (Short Paper) Polish evaluation dataset for compositional distributional semantics models (Long Paper) A Minimal Span-Based Neural Constituent Parser (Long Paper) Neural Machine Translation via Binary Code Prediction (Long Paper) Modeling Contextual Relationship Among Utterances in Multimodal Sentiment Analysis (Long Paper)
TextFlow: A Text Similarity Measure based on Continuous Sequences (Long Paper) Automatic Annotation and Evaluation of Error Types for Grammatical Error Correction (Long Paper) Semantic Dependency Parsing via Book Embedding (Long Paper) What do Neural Machine Translation Models Learn about Morphology? (Long Paper) A Multidimensional Lexicon for Interpersonal Stancetaking (Long Paper)
Friendships, Rivalries, and Trysts: Characterizing Relations between Ideas in Texts (Long Paper) Evaluation Metrics for Reading Comprehension: Prerequisite Skills and Readability (Long Paper) Neural Word Segmentation with Rich Pretraining (Long Paper) Fully Character-Level Neural Machine Translation without Explicit Segmentation (TACL Paper) Learning Lexical-Functional Patterns for First-Person Affect (Short Paper)
A Nested Attention Neural Hybrid Model for Grammatical Error Correction (Long Paper) Sentence Alignment Methods for Improving Text Simplification Systems (Short Paper) Arc-swift: A Novel Transition System for Dependency Parsing (Short Paper) Hybrid Neural Network Alignment and Lexicon Model in Direct HMM for Statistical Machine Translation (Short Paper) Supervised Aspect Extraction with Knowledge Retention (Short Paper)
On the Challenges of Translating NLP Research into Commercial Products (Short Paper) Understanding Task Design Trade-offs in Crowdsourced Paraphrase Collection (Short Paper) A Generative Parser with a Discriminative Recognition Algorithm (Short Paper) Towards String-To-Tree Neural Machine Translation (Short Paper) Exploiting Domain Knowledge via Grouped Weight Sharing with Application to Text Categorization (Short Paper)

Session 6 (3:25pm-5:00pm)

Information Extraction 4
Session Chair: Sarvnaz Karimi
Semantics 2 (NN)
Session Chair: Hanna Hajishirzi
Discourse 2 / Dialogue 3
Session Chair: Smaranda Muresan
Machine Learning 2
Session Chair: TBA
Summarization 1
Session Chair: Rebecca Passonneau
Tandem Anchoring: a Multiword Anchor Approach for Interactive Topic Modeling (Long Paper) Naturalizing a Programming Language via Interactive Learning (Long Paper) Joint Modeling of Content and Discourse Relations in Dialogues (Long Paper) Bayesian Modeling of Lexical Resources for Low-Resource Settings (Long Paper) Diversity driven attention model for query-based abstractive summarization (Long Paper)
Comparing Apples to Apples: Learning Semantics of Common Entities Through a Novel Comprehension Task (Long Paper) Semantic Word Clusters Using Signed Spectral Clustering (Long Paper) Argument Mining with Structured SVMs and RNNs (Long Paper) Semi-Supervised QA with Generative Domain-Adaptive Nets (Long Paper) Get To The Point: Summarization with Pointer-Generator Networks (Long Paper)
Going out on a limb : Joint Extraction of Entity Mentions and Relations without Dependency Trees (Long Paper) An Interpretable Knowledge Transfer Model for Knowledge Base Completion (Long Paper) Neural Discourse Structure for Text Categorization (Long Paper) From Language to Programs: Bridging Reinforcement Learning and Maximum Marginal Likelihood (Long Paper) Supervised Learning of Automatic Pyramid for Optimization-Based Multi-Document Summarization (Long Paper)
Evaluating Visual Representations for Topic Understanding and Their Effects on Manually Generated Labels (TACL Paper) Learning a Neural Semantic Parser from User Feedback (Long Paper) Adversarial Connective-exploiting Networks for Implicit Discourse Relation Classification (Long Paper) Information-Theory Interpretation of the Skip-Gram Negative-Sampling Objective Function (Short Paper) Selective Encoding for Abstractive Sentence Summarization (Long Paper)
Separating Reranking Effects from Model Combination Effects in Generative Neural Constituency Parsers (Short Paper) Enriching Word Vectors with Subword Information (TACL Paper) Don’t understand a measure? Learn it: Structured Prediction for Coreference Resolution optimizing its measures (Long Paper) Implicitly-Defined Neural Networks for Sequence Labeling (Short Paper) PositionRank: An Unsupervised Approach to Keyphrase Extraction from Scholarly Documents (Long Paper)

Poster Session 2 (5:40-7:40pm)

Learning Symmetric Collaborative Dialogue Agents with Dynamic Knowledge Graph Embeddings (Long Paper)
Neural Belief Tracker: Data-Driven Dialogue State Tracking (Long Paper)
Exploiting Argument Information to Improve Event Detection via Supervised Attention Mechanisms (Long Paper)
Topical Coherence in LDA-based Models through Induced Segmentation (Long Paper)
Joint Extraction of Relations with Class Ties via Effective Deep Ranking (Long Paper)
Search-based Neural Structured Learning for Sequential Question Answering (Long Paper)
Gated-Attention Readers for Text Comprehension (Long Paper)
Determining Gains Acquired from Word Embedding Quantitatively using Discrete Distribution Clustering (Long Paper)
Towards a Seamless Integration of Word Senses into Downstream NLP Applications (Long Paper)
Reading Wikipedia to Answer Open-Domain Questions (Long Paper)
Learning to Skim Text (Long Paper)
An Algebra for Feature Extraction (Long Paper)
Chunk-based Decoder for Neural Machine Translation (Long Paper)
Doubly-Attentive Decoder for Multi-modal Neural Machine Translation (Long Paper)
A Teacher-Student Framework for Zero-Resource Neural Machine Translation (Long Paper)
Improved Neural Machine Translation with a Syntax-Aware Encoder and Decoder (Long Paper)
Cross-lingual Name Tagging and Linking for 282 Languages (Long Paper)
Adversarial Training for Unsupervised Bilingual Lexicon Induction (Long Paper)
Estimating Code-Switching on Twitter with a Novel Generalized Word-Level Language Detection Technique (Long Paper)
Using Global Constraints and Reranking to Improve Cognates Detection (Long Paper)
One-Shot Neural Cross-Lingual Transfer for Paradigm Completion (Long Paper)
Morphological Inflection Generation with Hard Monotonic Attention (Long Paper)
From Characters to Words to in Between: Do We Capture Morphology? (Long Paper)
Riemannian Optimization for Skip-Gram Negative Sampling (Long Paper)
Deep Multitask Learning for Semantic Dependency Parsing (Long Paper)
Improved Word Representation Learning with Sememes (Long Paper)
Learning Character-level Compositionality with Visual Features (Long Paper)
A Progressive Learning Approach to Chinese SRL Using Heterogeneous Data (Long Paper)
Revisiting Recurrent Networks for Paraphrastic Sentence Embeddings (Long Paper)
Using Ontology-Grounded Token Embeddings To Predict Prepositional Phrase Attachments (Long Paper)
Identifying 1950s American Jazz Composers: Fine-Grained IsA Extraction via Modifier Composition (Long Paper)
Parsing to 1-Endpoint-Crossing, Pagenumber-2 Graphs (Long Paper)
Semi-supervised Multitask Learning for Sequence Labeling (Long Paper)
Semantic Parsing of Pre-university Math Problems (Long Paper)
MeChat: A Sequence to Sequence and Rerank based Chatbot Engine (Short Paper)
A Conditional Variational Framework for Dialog Generation (Short Paper)
Question Answering through Transfer Learning from Large Fine-grained Supervision Data (Short Paper)
Self-Crowdsourcing Training for Relation Extraction (Short Paper)
A Generative Attentional Neural Network Model for Dialogue Act Classification (Short Paper)
Salience Rank: Efficient Keyphrase Extraction with Topic Modeling (Short Paper)
List-only Entity Linking (Short Paper)
Improving Native Language Identification by Using Spelling Errors (Short Paper)
Disfluency Detection using a Noisy Channel Model and a Deep Neural Language Model (Short Paper)
On the Equivalence of Holographic and Complex Embeddings for Knowledge Graph Completion (Short Paper)
Sentence Embedding for Neural Machine Translation Domain Adaptation (Short Paper)
Data Augmentation for Low-Resource Neural Machine Translation (Short Paper)
Speeding up Neural Machine Translation Decoding by Shrinking Run-time Vocabulary (Short Paper)
Chunk-Based Bi-Scale Decoder for Neural Machine Translation (Short Paper)
Model Transfer for Tagging Low-resource Languages without Bilingual Corpora (Short Paper)
EuroSense: Automatic Harvesting of Multilingual Sense Annotations from Parallel Text (Short Paper)
Challenging Language-Dependent Segmentation for Arabic: An Application to Machine Translation and Part-of-Speech Tagging (Short Paper)
Fast and Accurate Neural Word Segmentation (Short Paper)
The Value of Curated Negative Examples: Strong Baselines for Story Cloze Tasks (Short Paper)
Neural Semantic Parsing over Multiple Knowledge-bases (Short Paper)
Geometry of Sentences (Short Paper)
Improving Semantic Relevance for Chinese Social Media Text Summarization (Short Paper)
Determining Whether and When People Participate in the Events They Tweet About (Short Paper)
Separating Facts from Fiction: Linguistic Models to Classify Suspicious and Trusted News Posts on Twitter (Short Paper)
Recognizing Counterfactual Thinking in Social Media Texts (Short Paper)
Temporal Orientation of Tweets for Predicting Income of User (Short Paper)
Character-Aware Neural Morphological Disambiguation (Short Paper)
Character Composition Model with Convolutional Neural Networks for Dependency Parsing on Morphologically Rich Languages (Short Paper)
How (not) to train a dependency parser: The curious case of jackknifing part-of-speech taggers (Short Paper)
Annotating tense, mood and voice for English, French and German (Software Demonstrations Paper)
Automating Biomedical Evidence Synthesis: RobotReviewer (Software Demonstrations Paper)
Benben: A Chinese Intelligent Conversational Robot (Software Demonstrations Paper)
End-to-End Non-Factoid Question Answering with an Interactive Visualization of Neural Attention Weights (Software Demonstrations Paper)
ESTEEM: A Novel Framework for Qualitatively Evaluating and Visualizing Spatiotemporal Embeddings in Social Media (Software Demonstrations Paper)
Exploring Diachronic Lexical Semantics with JeSemE (Software Demonstrations Paper)
Extended Named Entity Recognition API and Its Applications in Language Education (Software Demonstrations Paper)
Hafez: an Interactive Poetry Generation System (Software Demonstrations Paper)
Interactive Visual Analysis of Transcribed Multi-Party Discourse (Software Demonstrations Paper)
Life-iNet: A Structured Network-Based Knowledge Exploration and Analytics System for Life Sciences (Software Demonstrations Paper)
Olelo: A Question Answering Application for Biomedicine (Software Demonstrations Paper)
OpenNMT: Open-Source Toolkit for Neural Machine Translation (Software Demonstrations Paper)
PyDial: A Multi-domain Statistical Dialogue System Toolkit (Software Demonstrations Paper)
RelTextRank: An Open Source Framework for Building Relational Syntactic-Semantic Text Pair Representations (Software Demonstrations Paper)
Scattertext: a Browser-Based Tool for Visualizing how Corpora Differ (Software Demonstrations Paper)
Semedico: A Comprehensive Semantic Search Engine for the Life Sciences (Software Demonstrations Paper)
SuperAgent: A Customer Service Chatbot for E-commerce Websites (Software Demonstrations Paper)
Swanson linking revisited: Accelerating literature-based discovery across domains using a conceptual influence graph (Software Demonstrations Paper)
UCCAApp: Web-application for Syntactic and Semantic Phrase-based Annotation (Software Demonstrations Paper)
WebChild 2.0 : Fine-Grained Commonsense Knowledge Distillation (Software Demonstrations Paper)
Zara Returns: Improved Personality Induction and Adaptation by an Empathetic Virtual Agent (Software Demonstrations Paper)

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