Wednesday, 2 August – Detailed Program

Wednesday’s session features two outstanding paper sessions in 2 parallel tracks, sandwiching lunch and the ACL business meeting, and concluding with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

26 June – Physical venues have been assigned to tracks and have been updated here.
19 June –
 We now have certain session chairs assigned from the area chair pool.  They are available on the detailed program pages.
4 June – We now have included author and abstract information that was available at paper acceptance time.  Click any paper title to jump to its detailed description.

Session 7 (10:40am-12:30pm)

Outstanding Papers 1
Session Chairs: Jason Eisner and Julia Hockenmaier
(Salon A/B/C)
Outstanding Papers 2
Session Chairs: Kristina Toutanova and Wei Lu(Salon D/E/F)
Towards an Automatic Turing Test: Learning to Evaluate Dialogue Responses (Long Paper) Visualizing and Understanding Neural Machine Translation (Long Paper)
A Transition-Based Directed Acyclic Graph Parser for UCCA (Long Paper) Detecting annotation noise in automatically labelled data (Long Paper)
Abstract Syntax Networks for Code Generation and Semantic Parsing (Long Paper) Attention Strategies for Multi-Source Sequence-to-Sequence Learning (Short Paper)
The Role of Prosody and Speech Register in Word Segmentation: A Computational Modelling Perspective (Short Paper) Understanding and Detecting Diverse Supporting Arguments on Controversial Issues (Short Paper)
A Two-stage Parsing Method for Text-level Discourse Analysis (Short Paper) A Neural Model for User Geolocation and Lexical Dialectology (Short Paper)
Error-repair Dependency Parsing for Ungrammatical Texts (Short Paper) A Corpus of Compositional Language for Visual Reasoning (Short Paper)

Session 8 (3:00pm-4:45pm)

Outstanding Papers 3
Session Chair: Heng Ji
(Salon A/B/C)
Outstanding Papers 4
Session Chair: Alessandro Moschitti
(Salon D/E/F)
Abstractive Document Summarization with a Graph-Based Attentional Neural Model (Long Paper) Joint Extraction of Entities and Relations Based on a Novel Tagging Scheme (Long Paper)
Probabilistic Typology: Deep Generative Models of Vowel Inventories (Long Paper) A FOFE-based Local Detection Approach for Named Entity Recognition and Mention Detection (Long Paper)
Adversarial Multi-Criteria Learning for Chinese Word Segmentation (Long Paper) Vancouver Welcomes You! Minimalist Location Metonymy Resolution (Long Paper)
Neural Joint Model for Transition-based Chinese Syntactic Analysis (Long Paper) Unifying Text, Metadata, and User Network Representations with a Neural Network for Geolocation Prediction (Long Paper)
Robust Incremental Neural Semantic Graph Parsing (Long Paper) Multi-Task Video Captioning with Visual and Textual Entailment (Long Paper)

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