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Dear readers:

I’m writing to you as the ACL Anthology current editor in this post.  

Every conference, we as authors put so much effort in doing their research and work hard towards communicating their findings through well-written, peer reviewed papers.  Our community has further increased its impact, by making much of its corpora, datasets and software available to the public.  We go even farther by video taping. Our oral presentations and (eventually) making these also publicly available.  These are all great, and archived in the Anthology* but there is a gap that I’d like your help to close.

We take great effort in crafting our presentations and posters, refining them to distill the pith of work.  These vehicles form a key vehicle to communicate our work to our peers — as evidenced by the pitter of smartphone cameras that ‘clip’ slides during poster and oral presentations — but they are often haphazardly archived at best, not collected systematically.

Why not make your work in creating your posters and oral presentations go a bit further? The ACL Anthology accepts post-publication materials such as posters and presentation slides for archiving.  Put it on your checklist to send us a .PDF of your presentation slides or poster**, by including a URL or an attachment and sending it with your paper’s ACL Anthology ID to help as associate it with the proper paper or by clicking here.

To demonstrate the utility of such work, we have archived the opening remarks, Joakim’s presidential address, as well as Noah’s and Mirella’s invited talks here for your viewing pleasure.  These are all CC BY 4.0, so you can use them in your own materials as long as you attribute the source from the original authors.  Of course, do send the authors a thank you note too if you do use them; we all know how much time it takes to craft a master presentation.


ACL 2017 Opening Address

Chris Calliston Burch, Min-Yen Kan & Regina Barzilay

ACL 2017 Presidential Address

Joakim Nivre

Invited Talk: Squashing Computational Linguistics

Noah A Smith

Invited Talk: Translating from Multiple Modalities to Text and Back

Mirella Lapata

– Min
ACL Anthology Editor

P.S. : Did you know you can also facet your ACL Anthology search by those aspects?  See here to search for all papers that have a dataset, software, or a presentation as an attachment, among others.  You can also further search within results for those papers that match your additional criteria.

* software, datasets, errata, revisions, general attachments and/or links to these resources can be archived in the ACL Anthology.

** do please clear them of copyrighted materials and properly attribute publicly available images.

15 thoughts on “Archiving your presentations and posters

    1. It’s actually a mailto: link that sends email to us. The contents are a little dated but they are:

      Subject: poster / presentation for P16-yxxx
      Hi ACL Anthology:

      Here’s the .pdf (only pdf is accepted currently) of my poster / presentation at ACL. Please archive it for us!


      [Please note to replace P16-yxxx with your paper’s ACL Anthology ID. We accept both posters and presentations for workshops and conference events archived in the Anthology. Please name your attachment after your paper (e.g., P16-1001.Presentation.pdf). Please also ensure any images, assets are properly attributed and/or ok for distribution. See , #5 for details.]

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    1. Hi Abi0,

      Good question! If you can search and find your papers on the Anthology site you should be able find the ID assigned to it. If you can read regular expressions, it has the form: [A-Z][0-9][0-9]\-[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9], e.g., P17-1001. Hope that helps!

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  1. This is great, thanks! Do you think that source files (PowerPoint, Keynote, Beamer source) will be accepted in future?

    I believe that most people who post slides on their own websites do post the PowerPoint when it exists, not the PDF. For good reasons: (1) Any meaningful animations or speaker notes get lost in translation to PDF. (2) The PDF version is no longer editable, making a CC-BY license less useful.

    On the other hand, it’s true that PDF is more portable and will last longer — so perhaps ask people to submit both formats?

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    1. Yes, this is a great point, Jason. We’ll be happy to accept other sources but will not make efforts to properly display anything aside from the .PDF.
      We’ll likely be able to retrofit the system to show multiple forms of presentations.

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  2. Hi Min,
    This is great, thank you! Should we only send materials for ACL 2017 papers or for any papers archived in the ACL Anthology? The footnote “software, datasets, errata, revisions, general attachments and/or links to these resources can be archived in the ACL Anthology” seems to indicate we can also send links to resources. Could I send Slideshare links, where I host most of my slides and posters, or only PDF documents?

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    1. Hi Isabelle:

      Thanks for your message. Both are accepted but at this time the Anthology can produce and showcase to .pdf. We hope to incorporate links to online decks, such as SlideShare and SpeakerDeck but these are not in the software yet. I suggest that you send us at least a .pdf deck and can also separately send links to other resources.

      As for other resources, yes we are accepting those and they don’t have to be for the ACL 2017 conference. All other ACL Anthology papers’ attachments are accepted too.

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    1. Awesome! Get your colleagues to submit them. We want as much exposure for our scholars. Update: for those of you who already submitted some materials, we will do a bulk update sometime soon (fingers crossed, hopefully before the end of the month).

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  3. Sorry for the dumb question but how do we download the PDFs? They have been rendered to a single page jpg on this page. I’m having trouble finding the link to download the full PDF for the two invited talks.

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    1. Hi Alex, sounds like you answered your own questions. The embedding on the PC co-chairs blog website allows you to click on the picture to be taken to the Slideshare site. Indeed, we hope to populate SlideShare with the presentations and posters made public by this call, and for those to be embedded into the ACL Anthology pages for the particular papers. Hope that helps!

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  4. I found both of the invited talks on slideshare – maybe it would make more sense to partner with such a service in the future? It would have been great to get access to the presentation materials before or during the event like is common at other conferences.

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    1. Yes, we agree! However, slides are not usually available ahead of time for our field (currently), so the best we can do is try to support archiving (actually, either pre- or post- event would be fine).

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  5. Hello. Have the video recordings of the talks at ACL 2017 have been made available or what is the expected date for the videos to be available?

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